Accessories for Everyone

BloqUV accessories offer flexibility and portability to add 50+ UPF sun protection wherever needed at a moment’s notice.

Our oversized UPF 50 + bandana protects head, ears, nose, mouth and neck. It can also be folded and used as a decorative headband or neck scarf to coordinate with other BloqUV pieces.

The multifunctional SPF blanket is perfect as a quick body wrap, shawl, sarong, swim wrap, beach scarf, baby wrap or baby stroller cover. Keep it in the car for driving or bring it to your favorite spectator sports for head/shoulder/back or leg sun protection.The large size and lightweight fabric make for versatile and portable use.

Sun sleeves are perfect SPF arm covers for tennis, golf, running, walking, boating, fishing, biking, hiking, horseback riding, gardening, driving, flying, construction and travel and are available in five sizes and a must-have for anyone who works or plays all day outside.