Sun Protective Clothing with Minimum UPF 50, Blocks 98% UVA/UVB Rays

BloqUV is a sun protective lifestyle brand with a minimum UPF of 50. BloqUV achieves its UPF level without the addition of UV chemicals. Our BloqTek fabrics are proprietary to BloqUV. All BloqUV fabrics are tested in accordance with the AATCC to assure a minimum UPF of 50 is achieved. Fabrics are tested by batch, color, wet and dry. BloqTek’s UV protection does not wash away with launderings and provides moisture-wicking and quick-dry benefits. Our products are soft, lightweight and available in an array of fashion-forward styles and colors. Instant sun protection! – Apply sunscreen only to exposed areas. Bloqit with BloqUV!