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About BloqUV's Sun Protective Clothing Line

BloqUV is a chemical free sun protective lifestyle apparel brand that block’s 98% of sun’s rays (UPF 50). Since UV chemicals are not added - the UV protection does not wash away with launderings. Our fabrics have moisture wicking and quick dry properties. Styles can cross-over from tennis, running, swimming, golf, boating, hiking , paddle boarding, biking, skiing and many other outdoor activities.

All fabrics are tested by an independent UV laboratory by color/ batch – wet and dry. UPF is equivalent in ratings and capabilities to SPF for sunscreens. An average cotton white top only has UPF of 5. BloqUV guarantees a minimum UPF of 50. UPF of 50 translates to blocking of 98% of sun’s rays.

Our soft UV chemical free fabrics come in a rainbow of colors including seasonal trends and basic colors. Our garments provide flat seams for comfort, functional pockets and elongated sleeves on select styles. When our fabric gets wet with sweat or water – fabric cools you off.

With BloqUV you receive instant sun protection and you don’t need to apply sunscreen (only on your exposed areas).