Why BloqUV?

Living in Miami means enjoying the outdoors. I love running, walking outdoors, but after a couple months I started to notice white spots on my arms. Concerned about my skin I visited my dermatologist. She immediately told me that my spots were a result of sun exposure. I didn’t understand how since I wore a long sleeve t-shirt every day. This is when I learned that a plain t-shirt only blocks 5 % of the sun’s rays.  Not ready to give up the outdoors I started shopping for sun protective clothing, the only problem is that I couldn’t find anything that was fashionable, soft, breathable and lightweight for our warm weather.  This is how BloqUV was created.  

Now celebrating 10 years of sun protection, we continue with our commitment of providing high quality, fashionable, functional, sun protective athletic-wear.  Our fabrics are super soft with moisture wicking and quick dry benefits.  Our customers can enjoy the outdoors worry free from harmful UV rays and messy sunscreens.  

What makes us different? BloqUV garments do not lose their sun protection with washings. UV Chemicals are not added for the UV protection, the UV protection is achieved during the fabric weaving process. Our fabrics are exclusively produced for BloqUV and guarantee a minimum UPF of 50.   Fabrics are tested by an independent UV laboratory – by color, batch, wet and dry.  Our customers can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.   

Our products are unique in design, fit and sun protection technology. BloqUV styles cross over from tennis, paddle boarding, to walking the dog.  With the exploding cases of skin cancer and melanoma it is paramount to protect your skin from long periods of sun exposure. If you are in the sun longer than 15 minutes, your skin is already being exposed to harmful rays. Our products offer the latest in UV sun protection with fashionable flare.

Providing instant sun protection for 10 years!

Get out there and enjoy the outdoors!!

Corina Biton - Founder & President